Product Update - March 2013

March has been a busy month for Sinefa. We are excited to be delivering on a number of feature requests we have received from our user community. We're also excited to bring to you some features from our technology roadmap. There is a lot of work ahead of us and we look forward to your continued feedback.

Alerts, Events and Actions

We added the ability to create alerts on a whole range of Sinefa metrics coupled with actions like emailing individual users or groups. We plan to extend the actions to include SMS, webhooks and other 3rd party API calls for better integration and the ability to leverage alert management software. Alerts and events can be applied to tag based groups, acknowledged by multiple users and searched in the event log. See this post for more detail and check our community post on how to get started.

External Hosts Reporting

Our drill-down capabilities have been extended to display the external hosts of selected flows. An External Hosts report has been added to display the distribution of traffic and link utilization by external hosts. More details can be found in this blog post.

User Management Features

You can now invite new users to your account and share reports with them. Users can be invited via email with an appropriate access level. This feature makes it easier to share network visibility with different groups in and out of the organization. See our blog post for more details on this feature.

L7 Application Visibility

Beyond supporting a whole host of traffic flow data from 3rd party appliances, Sinefa is now capable of its own Layer 7 classification of traffic flows. This means that Sinefa Instances are no longer limited by the classification capabilities of appliances that send flow data and can accept traffic directly for an improved level of classification. See our post on Vendor Independent Layer 7 Application Visibility.

Other Updates

We have also made some incremental User Interface improvements:

  • Made better use of the screen for better presentation on different screen resolutions.
  • Addressed some User Experience issues to make pages more intuitive.
  • Improved navigation between Utilization, Quality & Service Level pages.

Why a fast User Interface (UI) matters

Alerts, Events and Actions Now Available on Sinefa