Alerts, Events and Actions Now Available on Sinefa

Proactive.  That's how every network should be operated and that's how network managers want it to be, but only few organizations have this capability today.  Sinefa has today released a number of new features to enable you to be proactive and know about problems before your users do.  Alerts, events and actions coupled with Sinefa's quality and utilisation metrics provide a powerful platform to be be proactive with your network.

Alerts can be configured based on a number of parameters such as quality metrics, utilization or usage.  e.g. If the branch office is consuming bandwidth at a rate of 4Mbps for at least 2 minutes, tell me about it.  Actions are triggered once an alert is raised.  These Actions are currently email notifications with plans to be extended to SMS, web hooks, 3rd party APIs and scripting to allow for further integration with existing infrastructure. Events are raised and cleared when Alerts are triggered.

See here for more details on Sinefa's new Alerting features.   Log-in to start configuring alerts and actions.

Product Update - March 2013

Drill-down Reporting for External Hosts