Invite and Share Sinefa Visibility with Others

You can now invite other people to see how the network is running.  Whether its the network operations team, applications team, customer support or even your service provider, with Sinefa 13.03 you can invite any of them to access network visibility data and resolve problems faster.Want to show off those Network Quality and Application Visibility reports to your colleagues? Log-in now and start inviting.  All you need to do is enter your colleague's email address and access level and your off.

Sinefa's user management system also supports inviting existing Sinefa users.  If you would like to discuss your visibility data with a Sinefa network engineer, enter their email address and invite them.  When you're done, simply disable their access to your account.  Easy!

Sinefa's latest user management which includes the invite capability is available in release 13.03. Want to find out more? Check out Sinefa Community or get in touch with us via Chat once you log-in.

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