Vendor Independent Layer 7 Application Visibility

Everyone knows these days that application visibility at layer 4 is not enough.   Thousands of applications use HTTP as a protocol so simply reporting HTTP usage using layer 4 provides no application visibility whatsoever.   With the latest version 13.02 Sinefa instances are able to classify applications at Layer 7.  This means you can start seeing Skype, Bittorrent, YouTube and many more applications which may be using your network.  Sinefa extends its data collection capabilities to classify applications at Layer 7 as well as accepting L7 traffic feeds from other vendors.

There are several way to get L7 application visibility with Sinefa:

1. Accept 3rd party netflow data with L7 options.  Appliances like Cisco and others provide sound L7 classification which can be exported and used by Sinefa.  If you have these appliances in your network you can take advantage of their L7 capabilities and send their netflow to a Sinefa instance.

2. A Sinefa instance can operate as an appliance that installs in-line with the network path.

3. Installed out of path, a Sinefa instance can classify traffic directly from a span port or tap. This a flexible deployent for environments where visibility is critical but the network doesn't allow for easy monitoring.

With this deployment flexibility customers can use a mixture of existing appliances and Sinefa instances to monitor the whole WAN.   Sinefa's L7 Data collection can support collection from multiple vendors on the same account.  Customers that have visibility in a single location like the data center or head office can now expand their data collection using existing network infrastructure or by deploying new Sinefa instances.

Sinefa provides unified management and visualization to complement fragmented or limited application visibility products you may have.   Sinefa however does not depend on existing appliances to collect data from and can be installed exclusively across the WAN using its own in-line data collection technology.Network quality can affect application performance intermittently making it very hard to track down root cause.  When combining L7 visibility with Sinefa's network Quality metrics, network managers can quickly  understand the impact of network quality on application performance.

Support for L7 classification was add in 13.02 release.

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