Cloud Based Network Visibility

Is your network delivering as it should?Are you hazy on whether your data network is meeting your needs?  Are you in the dark about how to improve your network users’ experience while lowering your telecommunication costs? It's time to gain greater visibility into your wide area network (WAN).  Sinefa can help.



Sinefa is a cloud-based monthly service that gives you visibility into: Network Capacity…How much bandwidth capacity do you really have Network Utilization…What users and which applications are actually using the network Network Quality…Is the network quality you pay for actually delivered

Why try Sinefa? Sinefa delivers great value by telling you exactly what you get for your monthly networking expenditures.  It is an affordable monthly network visibility service that provides clarity on utilization and identifies if your network is under or over provisioned.  Sinefa is scalable and easy to deploy.

Get started today with our free trial If gaining visibility into your data network sounds useful, visit and click on the “Try Sinefa Free” button.

About Sinefa Sinefa provides information for organisations to correctly size the network, increase application performance and reduce wasted capacity.  Sinefa’s mission is to provide intelligence on enterprise networks via advanced, centralised technology.  Melbourne-based Sinefa was founded and is managed by the founders of Exinda Networks, a leading vendor of WAN optimisation technologies.

Isn’t it time for you to gain greater network visibility?  Think Sinefa.

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