User Interface Developer

Are you a Ux/UI guru who loves to build great products?  Can you develop great UIs?• Based in Melbourne, Australia • Challenging Work - Fast-paced, Hands-on, High-tech • Fantastic Team Environment • Work with talented people

We are a startup team creating innovative products for the network visibility market.  Founded by experienced individuals with a string of successful startups we have assembled some of the best talent in the space.  Our technology, processes and products are world class.  We are an agile team and live by our values and culture.

Usability and aesthetics are at the core of our values and as a Ux/UI developer you will play a pivotal role in building product that customers just love.  This is more of a development than a designer role so if you can’t develop please don’t apply.

The Position

You will be working within a team of developers & product managers to build a truly innovative network visualization solution.  You will also:

  • Facilitate and advocate a user centered design process.
  • Participate in user research (interviews, user testing, etc).
  • Meet with our clients to understand their requirements.
  • Lead and participate in groups generating ideas and brainstorming.
  • Sketch high level strategic concepts to answer user and business needs.
  • Produce information architecture (IA) and interactive prototypes in appropriate technologies.


  • Demonstrate usability skills, visual design skills, front-end development skills and an attention to detail.
  • Experience designing for web applications (not simply informational websites) (Required).
  • Strong creative skills (Required).
  • Strong front-end development skills including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (jQuery, dojo, etc) or any other JS framework or collection of libraries (Required).
  • Ability to liaise in a consultative manner with members of the customers, design and development teams (Required).
  • Ability to manage time effectively, work to tight deadlines and report accurately to the team leader (Required).
  • Good writing, documentation and presentation skills (Required).
  • Knowledge of, and experience with usability, interaction design and user experience design. This includes contextual enquiry, conceptual design, use of scenarios and user profiles, wireframing and user testing, user personas (Desirable).
  • Experience working with clients and product managers deriving, establishing and refining business requirements through wireframing (Desirable).
  • Experience with creating UIs from business requirements (Desirable).
  • Understanding and experience with development processes on enterprise level projects (Desirable).
  • Experience working in an Agile Scrum development team (Desirable).
  • Experience with Software-as-a-Service applications.
  • Experience with UI development toolkits.
  • Knowledge of usability testing principles and methods.

Media Skills

  • Understanding of bit-depth, pixel-density, and resolution issues.
  • Managing color palettes.
  • Icon design and pixel-level design.
  • Graphic user interface (GUI) screen layout and composition.
  • Page layout and composition.
  • Prototyping - paper, Visio, HTML/CSS, Director, Flash, or other methods.
  • Knowledge of file formats and tradeoffs.

Please send an email to careers [at] sinefa [dot] com. Be sure to include your resume and links to work you have done.  If it looks like a fit, we’ll make sure to arrange a meeting with you in person.


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