Is my Network Better or Worse?

Providing a high level of user experience is not an easy thing.  User experience in my opinion is the major factor why RIM (Blackberry) is currently losing to Apple's iPhone and Google's Android.  With the growing dependance of online systems, user experience in enterprises and governments is closely related to application and network performance.  Thats why, when it comes to managing user experience, its critical to know how the network is performing and if it is getting better or worse?
Figure 1: Comparison of the available bandwidth capacity from one time period (this month) to another (last month)

Many organisations and communication service providers when performing network and application upgrades ask the question 'Is it better now?'.  Deriving to that answer has always been a difficult task. Utilizing Sinefa's distribution graphs, an organization can get a very clear and objective 'before and after' picture on the quality and performance of the network.


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