Can Sinefa Detect a Network Routing Issue?

A friend of mine asked if Sinefa can detect routing issues. After chatting for a couple of minutes it turns out that he had experienced a problem within the Service Providers' (SP) MPLS network, where a routing change inside the SP core network caused application slowness issues for many of his branch offices around the world. This problem lasted for many weeks before the root cause was found and fixed.While my friend originally asked me if we would detect routing issues, what he really wanted to know was whether we could have helped them in detecting or fixing the performance degradation caused by the routing change, so that their users would not have experienced as much pain. Routing changes in themselves are not bad and networks are designed to change routes to continue operating around a fault or an outage.

However, a routing change can be undesirable if it contributes to a degradation in network quality - a degradation in network quality could mean less bandwidth throughput, more delay or more packet loss.

By measuring network quality parameters such as bandwidth capacity Sinefa can detect when  network degradation occurs. This is very useful in determining application performance issues and changes to network quality.

With Sinefa, my friend would have saved a lot of pain for the users by detecting and fixing the user performance issues much faster, to the point where most users would not have noticed.


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