What is Network Right-sizing Anyway?

User expectations on application performance is growing. Combined with the explosion of rich media applications such as video, Facebook and file sharing apps has increased demand for network capacity.  According to Cisco, traffic demand in 2012 will increase 4x over the next 5 yearsUse of rich media applications at the office is common, increasing utilisation of the business network and interfering with business apps. Expanding link bandwidth over time is inevitable, however just increasing the bandwidth is not a sustainable solution. Within months, utilisation is approaching 100% again putting the organisation in the middle of the vicious cycle of bandwidth upgrades, eventually creating a network that is incorrectly sized, unbalanced and inefficient.

The Network Efficiency Curve below illustrates the two most common network states found in customer networks.  Sinefa identifies the "optimal efficiency" and the current network state (red dot) and helps the network and the business get to the optimal efficiency.

Ensuring an organization has the right capacity for business applications is what right-sizing is all about. As both the user base and business apps grow (or contract) organizations need to be able to accurately provision the network they really need. To achieve this there needs to be clear visibility into the capacity and quality of the network as well as the applications and users using it. Having the right-sized network also means a better user experience as business apps have an optimised network to run on.

Finding the network's optimal efficiency and moving an organization towards that is what Sinefa is all about.

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