Sinefa for Service Providers

Enterprise focused Service Providers (SPs) continue to add applications and services on their data networks to fuel growth and to increase their competitiveness. Knowing how their networks are performing is mission critical; how else would they ensure service quality?The Service Provider installs a 'better' network into the customers location. But how does the SP answer the customer question of 'show me that this network better than before?'. With Sinefa it is possible to do this in a software only solution. No need to install hardware and send engineers onsite.

Network managers need to know: * How is the network currently performing? - Real time monitoring * What is the current network quality? - Network quality scoring – NQS * How has the network performed over time? - Historical reporting * Is the network better this week compared to last week? - Before and after comparisons * Are you really delivering what your charging me for? - Network quality reports

With Sinefa, the Service Provider can finally answer all these questions.

Sinefa allows Service Providers to clearly see what is currently a black hole – network capacity, network utilization and network quality. Sinefa's sophisticated quality measurement software provides the network manager with a powerful yet simple metric called the Network Quality Score (NQS). Armed with this information, network operators can increase the performance of their network by making the right decisions to address network bottlenecks, high latency, inconsistencies and equipment failures.

The true beauty of NQS is that it is simple to understand and to use and is very powerful in articulating network quality statements to SP customers.

Sinefa is a technology that you should look at if you are a Service Provider that want to deliver additional value to your customers and whose customers would benefit from receiving reports proving the service quality that is being delivered.  Go to and click on 'Try Sinefa Free'.

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